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Sound Ripple - Recording and entertainment services

Create your own CD’s, Demo CD etc. And lots more recording options to choose from.

Sound Ripple is an Entertainment Service providing all your entertainment needs. Our service specialises in providing re-mastering, Rrecording, and arranging bereavement and other types of CD for a loved one.


Are you talented? Well why not have your talent recorded at our home studio. Create your own music, meditation / relaxation / bereavement or backing CD in the comfort of our sound proof, air conditioned studio.


Dust off your old favourite records and tapes and let us bring them back to life for you in the way of a CD. At “Sound Ripple” we can transfer your music to CD. Not only that, we can digitally re-master the sound to give you a clean crisp effect like you bought the album yesterday.

“Sound Ripple” Entertainment Service look forward to providing you and your friends in the future with one or more of our entertainment services, please do not hesitate calling for free quotes on any of our entertainment services

About Sound Ripple

Sound Ripple was established in 1999, and is owned and managed by Kevin and Raelene Smith. Sound Ripple is an independent home based recording studio with an easy going atmosphere allowing artists and groups more creativity without the hard-line attitudes and the deadlines set in stone by most major recording studios.

Sound Ripple Studio is a very personal recording studio. Create your music your way without the embarrassment of your friends or neighbours listening in. At Sound Ripple there is no large staff of bookkeepers, unneeded associate engineers and staff helpers to burn your hard earned money.

Getting your material copyrighted is like some foreign language to most Artists and Groups. At Sound Ripple we will assist you in getting your material copyrighted. If writer representation is what you’re looking for like APRA/AMCOS we have all the necessary forms and contacts just for that. We’ll help you get it done. Just ask.